Wood flooring is the most beautiful, economical, environmentally friendly, and easy to care for material you can choose for your home.

Wood offers enduring beauty that will last a lifetime and beyond. It never goes out of style and goes well with any décor.

It’s simple to keep clean and care for and it won’t trap dust and mites or contribute to indoor air quality problems.

Installed cost per square foot is generally lower than it is for tile, stone and other hard surfaces. You can install carpet for less, but you’ll find the carpet needs replacing many times over before a wood floor will wear out.

Wood is easily the most environmentally friendly floor material. It comes from trees, which are renewable and being renewed at a remarkable clip. The hardwood forests that provide our flooring products are growing more than twice as fast as they are being harvested. Thanks to this industry-wide commitment to sustainable forestry, there is 90% more hardwood growing today in the U.S. than there was 50 years ago. Wood is also biodegradable, recyclable, and a great carbon-sink as well as the least energy-intensive flooring material, consuming far less energy to make than carpet, linoleum or composite tile.

As an added level of environmental assurance, we’re proud to say we now have FSC Chain of Custody Certification, which allows us to carry FSC-certified flooring products and for those products to be used to earn points in the U.S Green Building Council’s LEED building rating system.

Indeed, your new wood floor is a great choice, both for you and the environment.