When choosing the look you are hoping to achieve, keep in mind that appearance determines the grade of flooring and all of our NOFMA grades are equally serviceable flooring products. Each grade meets the same high standards for machining quality and all grades are made from high-quality flooring lumber that has been properly kiln-dried to ensure long-lasting beauty and durability.

The grades we offer are NOFMA Clear, NOFMA Select, NOFMA No. 1 Common, NOFMA No. 2 Common and Cabin Grade. These grades are differentiated by the amount of “character” (knots, mineral streaks, color variation within and between boards, etc.) that will appear in your floor after it’s been installed, sanded, and finished.

While Smith Flooring prides itself in adhering to NOFMA grading standards, it should be recognized that these standards contain a fair amount of subjectivity and each grade allows for a range of uniformity. Because our flooring derives from Ozark Mountain timber, it has a unique, tight grain pattern as well as properties, such as hardness, that you won’t find in wood flooring from other regions. And, because we’ve been at it for more than 60 years, our products carry an uncommon consistency from run to run, year to year and generation to generation.

The sample photos below provide a good representation of the “look” you can expect from each grade:


Consists of mostly heartwood. Allows for all of the natural heartwood color variations, with minimal character marks. Will result in a floor with infinitely variable grain pattern, but still the most uniform appearance (least variation) of any grade.

NOFMA Select

Contains all the variations in color produced by the contrasting differences of heartwood and sapwood. Also contains minimal visible character marks such as small knots, mineral streaks and slightly open characters. The combination creates a visually interesting floor where light sapwood and dark heartwood are combined with small characters and other small color interruptions.

NOFMA No. 1 Common

Characterized by prominent color variation as well as prominent (but limited in size) character marks such as knots and open checks, as well as variations resulting from drying and machining processes. This grade results in a tasteful floor where prominent variation is to be expected.

NOFMA No. 2 Common

May contain a wide range of sound natural and manufacturing variations of any size, including knots, knot holes and other open characters, as well as prominent color variation and irregularities resulting from drying and machining processes. This grade is desirable where numerous notable character marks and significant color contrast is to be expected. NOFMA No. 2 Common may include a small number of boards deemed unusable by your installing contractor.

Cabin Grade

Our most rustic-looking grade, Cabin Grade will include any number of character marks and color variation and is most suitable in applications where cost, rather than appearance is the driving factor, or where a truly rustic look is desired. Includes pieces with machine defects. Will include some pieces of limited serviceability.